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Today’s most important leadership challenge…and opportunity:

The Problem:


Unprepared Leaders

The latest research from the Gallup organization tells us that a whopping 82% of people hired or promoted into new leadership positions don’t have the required knowledge and skill they need to effectively lead in their new roles. And virtually none of these people have an effective plan to develop their leadership abilities. So these poor results are going to be around for a while…

The Impact:


Lost Performance on Those Teams

What are the results? On average, these teams perform 48% lower than those led by competent leaders. These teams produce barely half of what they should! Our clients simply believe that losing roughly 40% of the total potential performance of their organization is far too high a price to pay for not effectively developing their leaders.

The Solution:


Performance Improvement

At Critical Insight Group, we’re known for developing strong, effective, truly influential leaders, who know exactly how to build incredibly high-performing teams. We help our clients develop the leaders they need throughout their organization (not just at the top). And we ensure they know how to get the best results from each person on their teams.

Who Are You Listening To?

Boston Consulting Group

What It’s Worth to You?

“Companies that have adopted a leadership model have 1.5 times the revenue growth and 1.6 times the profitability of companies that do not.”


How Can You Win?

“9 out of 10 companies struggle to develop the leaders they need at all levels of their organization; and say that this impacts every other aspect of their businesses.” 


How Effective Is Your Leadership?

“Only one in four organizations rate their leadership quality as high.

Only 37 percent of leaders rated their organization’s leadership development program as effective.”

Who Are You Listening To?

Jack Welch (former CEO of GE)

What’s Your Reputation?

“The true reputation of a leader is the reflected glow of the success of their people.”

Brad Anderson (former CEO of Best Buy)

You Can Improve Performance, by Changing.

“Today’s management approaches are in place for the convenience of the managers, not the performance of the team; and that needs to change.”

Bruce Schneider (Author)

Are Your Leaders Truly Helping?

“Roughly 85% of leaders actually hurt the performance of their teams.”

Who Are You Listening To?

John Maxwell

(World’s #1 Leadership Authority):

“Most obstacles that limit people’s potential are set in motion by the leader, and are rooted in the leader’s own fears, ego, and bad habits.”

“90% of leaders are ‘positional’ leaders, who get the least amount of effort [therefore, results] from their people.”

“90% the value that leaders provide their teams, is done so intentionally. 90% of the damage leaders do, is done unintentionally.”


And there’s so much more.

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