The Only 2 Numbers that Really Matter for 2019
February 9, 2019
Critical Insight Group

There are two numbers that mean more to your success in 2019, and beyond, than any others. Grab a piece of paper and write them down. You already know them. (No, this isn’t a magic trick where I guess the numbers.)

Here they are: the amount of a) money and b) time you’ve budgeted this year for personal growth. Go ahead and write them down.

So, what did you write? Most people’s answers are:  0 hours / 0 dollars. So, I probably could have guessed your numbers after all! And THAT’S a problem – for you.

Without a budget, studies show you’ll (almost) never take/make the time to improve. Life has a way of just happening and we respond. And without a budget you won’t ‘find’ the money to invest in yourself the way you should.

And without being intentional here, another year will quickly go by. No change. No improvement. Just older. (How uplifting!)

So How Much Should You Budget?

Well, that all begins with asking the questions, ‘How far do you want to go?’ and ‘How good do you want to get?’ Because those are the most important questions. Once you answer those questions, you can start to determine ‘How much will it cost?’ and ‘How long it will take?’ Those are the questions which drive the budget.

A Great Place to Start

Without any other information, a great place to start is ‘10%’. 10 percent (of your net income) and 10 percent of your time (both personal & professional). Yup, growth requires an investment – that’s why so few people actually do it. Which is why it’s so easy to differentiate yourself when you are willing to invest in yourself.

And PLEASE, don’t depend on your employer to fund (both money and time) your personal growth. “My company wouldn’t pay for it” is a pretty lame excuse for not growing and becoming who you could have.

Personal growth is the only guarantee that tomorrow is going to get better.

For more on how to make the most of your personal growth investment (including how to do it) continue reading this article on the best strategies for growth.

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