4 Steps to Intentionally Living a Life of Significance
August 20, 2019
Critical Insight Group

All of us, at least at some point in our lives, have a desire to be someone…to make a positive difference in the world…to make our life count…and add-value to others. It’s a question of intention. But, intention alone is not enough. The question is, ‘How am I going to do it?’

Question: How do I turn my good intentions into good actions?
Answer: Intentional living is the bridge from intention to action.

It’s almost impossible to be significant, to make a difference, and not be intentional.

So how do we become intentional? Well here are 4 lessons (from my business partner, John Maxwell) on how to begin to more intentionally live a life of significance.


1. Ask Questions to Help You Intentionally Think About Your Purpose.

These three questions form the foundation of our purpose and lead us to find our ‘why’.

  • What do I sing about?
  • What do I cry about?
  • What do I dream about?

When we find our ‘why’, we’ll find our ‘way’. Once we know why we desire to accomplish something, it’s amazing how often that the ‘how’ reveals itself.


2. Intentionally Think About Adding Value to Others.

If we value people, believe in people and unconditionally love them we will be successful. Adding value, and doing it intentionally, is the key to significant living. Study after study show that 90% of harm is done unintentionally; while 90% of good (adding value) is done intentionally. Who in our lives can we intentionally add value to right now?


3. Intentionally Think About Your Growth.

Do you have a plan for personal growth? To do more, we must be more. And we grow only be having a plan for growth that we intentionally follow. An important note here. It’s not about ‘how much does it cost; how long will it take?’ Rather it’s about ‘how far can I go; and how good can I get?’


4. Intentionally Think About Your Life.

Imaging receiving a book in the mail entitled, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”. The title grabs your attention and you open it excitedly to find out what the story is about and what message it reveals. But when you open the book, you find the pages empty. Instead you find this simple handwritten note inside the front cover.


“Dearest friend,

Your future is in front of you. Fill these pages with matters of your heart, acts of kindness, and wonderful stories of inspiration and hope. You are the author of your life’s story, not merely its narrator. Don’t just accept your life; instead lead it. Intentionally live a life of significance. And write that story here for all to enjoy and remember.


One who cares”


What would you do? Where would you go from there?

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