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Experience the life-changing power of EQUIPCoach™ personal coaching.

Or…Live the ‘Professional Coaching Adventure of a Lifetime’™ at the
Real World Superhero Academy.

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EQUIPCoach™ – Professional Coaching 

We can multiply your success in pursuit of your goals and dreams, by challenging and expanding your current thinking and beliefs. (In fact, we do it for people all the time.)

Your thinking drives your behavior which determines your results (the conditions, circumstances, and outcomes in your life). Therefore, to change your results you must change your thinking. That’s simply how it works. And that’s where coaching comes in.

Coaching is well known to be the most powerful tool for professional growth. It can also quite literally be ‘life changing’.

Let us show you how.

Real World Superhero Academy™ – Coaching

Experience ‘The Professional Coaching Adventure of a Lifetime™’,
if you think you can handle it!

Are you ready to go far beyond anything you ever thought possible?

Transform your life-story into the amazing life of your dreams by ‘activating your real world superpowers’, then living your own unique ‘adventure-quest’…just like all storybook (super)heroes do. You’ll never see the world, your life, or yourself the same way again. If you want to have fun, while becoming your very best, check this out.

Human imagination is the most powerful creative force on the planet. This coaching program uses your personal imagination to transform your life and show you what is truly possible.

Let us show you how.

Mastermind Groups

If you want to take the lid off your personal growth and accelerate the expansion of your career or business through dynamic associate with other top business leaders, then our mentor-led professional mastermind groups are exactly what you’re looking for. These powerful small groups of high-achieving business professional are intentionally designed to help you not just learn, but also apply in your career or business, the most value knowledge and skills for business professionals.

Take your career or business to the next level by joining one of our exclusive professional mastermind groups. These professional mastermind groups are a great place to start your relationship with Critical Insight Group.

Find out how these programs can dramatically improve the results of your efforts.