EQUIPCoach™ Coaching


To get more in life, you can either

work longer and work harder,



Coaching helps you get better, FASTER!


EQUIPCoach™ – Professional Coaching 

A unique combination of personal coaching and equipping that really ‘takes the lid off’ your potential.

Whether you’re ready to take your career/business to the next level, looking to regain your career/business momentum, or looking to pursue something completely different – EQUIPCoach™ personal coaching can help you succeed.

Your thinking drives your behavior which determines your results (the conditions, circumstances, and outcomes in your life). Therefore, to change your results you must change your thinking. That’s simply how it works. And that’s where coaching comes in. Let us show you how.

Why is coaching so valuable?  Study after study confirms that we are consciously unaware of anywhere between 75% and 92% of our daily behavior. So, how can we possibly expect to effectively improve our behavior on our own, when roughly 85% of the time we are completely unaware of what we’re doing and how it’s impacting our results? That’s where coaching comes in. Coaching helps you be more aware of your thinking and behavior so that you can challenge and improve them. (That’s just one of the ways coaching helps improve performance.)

Our EQUIPCoach™ coaching model takes professional coaching to an entirely new level.

Coaching brings out the best of what’s in you, but what if you need something that isn’t currently inside you to get the life you really want? That’s where our EQUIPCoach™ program saves the day. This program includes all the benefits of professional coaching, plus it adds significant high-value training in key areas of human performance, maximizing potential, leadership/influence, winning with people and personal success principles.

Our EQUIPCoach™ program has several different options so that you can match the program to your specific situation and desired results. Concepts that this program covers includes such things as: overcoming the fear of failure, the 5 levels of self-talk, the 4 major blocks to human performance, how habits are created and how to change them, applying the Pareto Principle in your life, the 4 type of intelligence and the 7 kinds of smart, and so much more.


P.S.  Ask the right questions. The most important question is NOT “How much does it cost and how long does it take?” The most important question is “How far can you go; how good can you get?”

For the answers to more coaching FAQs go here.  (Dale’s other coaching business website.)

Hear what our coaching clients are saying…

“Dale is my personal business and leadership coach – I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to: run a strength-based business, growth for business leadership, learn new ways to make your business thrive, or develop ANY level of leadership. His ability to add value to every individual is an extraordinary gift and his value to my personal business is truly immeasurable.”

Ashley E.

Owner & Entrepreneur, Simply Elegant Group

“Dale is an authentic, insightful mentor and coach. Immediately upon meeting him, I sensed his real passion for helping people discover their potential, and to visualize and establish a path to achieving their dreams. A credible business professional, Dale has a unique ability to ask the right questions, listen intently, and use humor and compassion in all of his coaching partnerships. He has done a great deal to help me articulate my definition of career success and to stimulate my thinking about how to leverage my strengths as a leader.”

Margie S.

Leadership Dev't

May (year 2)
I just completed a three month coaching program with Dale. My focus with Dale was two-fold: 1. re-position and align what I want from my day job (professional career) to 2. help me understand and turn my life’s passions into my day job. Understanding this transition will take a couple of years, my experience / journey with Dale was well beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Dale and the coaching experience! Thank you Dale,

Dec. (year 1)
Dale’s passion to help others is reflected in how he communicates and the compassion he exudes towards others. He challenged my thought processes and reintroduced me to a part of my own life passions I felt should ‘hide’ until a more appropriate time. Dale also reinforced my belief system as a leader. I respect his knowledge and honest / candid approach and look forward to working with him again in the very near future!

Stacy I.


Dale has a creative and entertaining approach to teaching and communicating ideas, thoughts and possibilities that has allowed me to think, understand and believe outside the proverbial box. His desire for everyone he has worked with to be successful at whatever they aspire to be is very apparent and truly sincere.

Kerry K.

Enterprise Sales, Apigee