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An Encouraging Personal Story of Overcoming…

Imagine waking up one day in a hospital and having no idea of where you are or how you got there. Imagine how confusing and disorienting that would be. You’re not sure if you should be thankful or scared. You hear the beeping of the monitor and the crackle of the intercom calling doctors “to Emergency Room B.” Your mind is foggy. You just can’t seem to clear your head.

10 Steps to Leading Effectively in Difficult Times

Strong leaders really stand out in tough times. Candidly, it’s much easier to lead when things are going well. But it’s far more important to lead in uncertain and difficult times.
So what do strong leaders do to help people navigate through the challenges of tough times? Well, here’s a list of 10 things that separate strong leaders from ‘fair weather’ leaders.

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3 Steps to Becoming an Influential Leader

While becoming a strong, effective and truly influential leader takes time and intentional personal growth, it all starts with understanding the basics of leadership.
Leadership is all about developing relationships. Leadership at its core, is nothing more than building an influential relationship with another person. Therefore, the true measure of leadership is influence. The question becomes, how large is your sphere of influence and how strong is your influence with each person in that ‘sphere’?

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The 4th of the 4 Major Leadership Mistakes that Many Business Owners Make

Business owners, and those with positional power or authority, are busy people. They rarely have the time they need to think through strategies in detail, and evaluate the results that these strategies drive. This is certainly true regarding their strategy (or lack of strategy) to effectively develop the leaders they need throughout their organization – to run and grow their business.

“It’s Me. I’m the Problem.”

Said by no business leader, ever. (Well, okay. There was that one guy, but he was the exception.) Yet, it’s often one of the most powerful statements there is in business.
I’ll often ask an audience, “What’s the one thing you would change to improve the performance of your organization?” As you can imagine I get all types of answers, everything from team structure and compensation to policies and procedures. Rarely, do I hear the most powerful answer: “Me. I’d change me to improve the performance of my company.”