Who We Help



We accelerate the GROWTH, and unleash the FULL POTENTIAL, of MID-SIZED Companies,

by developing ‘GREAT LEADERS of GREAT TEAMS™’ throughout their organizations.


The quality of your LEADERSHIP determines the quality of your PERFORMANCE.


We create great leaders who know exactly how to build incredibly HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS.



Who We Help



We accelerate the GROWTH, and unleash the FULL POTENTIAL, of MID-SIZED Companies, by developing ‘GREAT LEADERS of GREAT TEAMS™’ throughout their organizations.


The quality of your LEADERSHIP determines the quality of your PERFORMANCE.


We create great leaders who know exactly how to build incredibly HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS.



Who We Help


We accelerate the GROWTH, and unleash the FULL POTENTIAL, of MID-SIZED Companies, by developing ‘GREAT LEADERS of GREAT TEAMS™’ throughout their organizations.


The quality of your LEADERSHIP determines the quality of your PERFORMANCE.


We create great leaders who know exactly how to build incredibly HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS.



We’ll Help You Grow and Prosper Whether You are a…

Mid-Sized Company

Solve the unique challenges of leaders in the middle.

EOS® User Wanting More

Take your company to the next level of performance.

Strategic HR Leader

The #1 thing HR can do to add significant value to the business.

Millennial Leaders

Coaching to become an influential purpose-based leader.

We’re known for developing strong, effective, truly influential leaders, who know exactly how to build incredibly high-performing teams.

Mid-Sized Companies

It’s No Longer Just About Those at the Top.


Leading from the Middle. We understand mid-sized companies just like we understand leaders in the middle of an organization – they both have unique challenges, issues and opportunities, which require unique solutions. How are things different for medium-sized companies? Well, first, you’ve out-grown the ‘hero model’ where you could depend on one, or a handful of, leader(s) to keep your company moving forward through heroic personal efforts. Things have gotten too complex. You’ve grown into the ‘era of teams.’

Your performance, growth and ultimate success are now determined by team performance at all levels of the organization. You now need to stop focusing just on the leaders at the top of your organization, and instead on growing the leaders in the middle of your organization. You’ll need ‘great leaders of great teams™’ throughout your organization to continue your company’s growth.


We all know the #1 driver of employee engagement and team performance is the leadership ability of their direct manager. But we often forget that it’s also the ‘leaders in the middle’ that create the work environment for their team as well as truly determine how your employees experience the company’s culture.

If you’re ready to create a company culture of leadership and incredible high-performance, we’re ready to help you get there. We’ll show you how that’s all possible. Just click the button below.

  • If your management team has between 10 to 20, you’ll want to start preparing for your future growth by adopting our leadership model within your current leadership team.
  • If your leadership team includes from 20 to 100, you’ll want to focus on creating ‘Great Leaders of Great Teams’™ by adopting our leadership model throughout your organization.
  • If you’re leadership team is from 100 to 200, you’ll also want to learn how to ‘cascade and multiply your leaders’. We’ll show you how all that works. Just click the button below.


EOS® and ‘Great Leaders of Great Teams’™

Two Sides of the Same High-Performance Coin.

So you’ve adopted EOS® to gain control and focus within your business. Congratulations. (While we don’t implement EOS® for clients, we’re BIG fans!) You’re probably now feeling less frustration, more under control, and are seeing your results improve. Your implementer has shared all of the EOS® Tools with you, and you want to continue to build on your momentum. Great. So what’s next?

That’s where we come in. There is a next step for the growth of your business. And it’s about changing your focus from gaining control of your business through process and tools, to accelerating your growth by focusing on unleashing the full potential of your people – the most appreciable asset in your business (and one you’re already fully paying for, by the way).

When your leadership team is using the EOS® Tools (LMA, RPRS, GWC, People Analyzer, etc.) but you know they can, and should, get even better… It requires being more intentionally focused on your people and their true potential performance and growth. It requires developing the deep connections and influential relationships you need (which instill trust, buy-in, commitment, and respect) to build the momentum, agility, and growth you want today and need for tomorrow. It also requires developing an influential leadership team. No more depending upon just one or two strong leaders; leadership is a team game now.

Just like gaining control required you to adopt the EOS® model, building momentum and accelerating growth requires you to adopt a leadership model from top to bottom within your business. And we’ve got you covered.

Our ‘great leaders of great teams’ model provides a proven, practical and straightforward combination of the principles, practices and values of successful leadership; and provides a clear road map for developing leaders throughout your organization.

EOS® and Entrepreneurial Operating System® are registered trademarks of EOS Worldwide.

Strategic HR

HR’s #1 (Most Important) Thing!


HR constantly gets pulled in multiple directions. And when you work is people, things can get complicated very quickly. That’s why it’s so important to remember: The most important thing, is to keep the most important thing, the most important thing!


Strategic HR’s Most Important Thing is to help create the ‘Great Leaders of Great Teams’™ throughout the organization that your company needs to succeed in today’s ever-changing environment. Why? Because the quality of a company’s leaders (at all levels) determines the quality of a company’s performance and results.

What our clients are saying…

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what this strategic HR leader in a mid-sized company says about her experience partnering with us.

Think about it. When are your business partners most productive and happy? When they have ‘Great Leaders of Great Teams’™ throughout their ranks. When is your work the easiest and most fulfilling? When the company is filled with ‘Great Leaders of Great Teams’™ . So what would be a good idea to have as your top priority? [Fill in answer here.] If you don’t believe us, check out these insights from industry experts.

That’s where we can help. As expert practitioners in helping companies adopt the world’s most trusted and respected leadership model from top-to-bottom within their organization, we can help you develop the ‘Great Leaders of Great Teams’™ your business so desperately needs (even if they don’t quite know how to ask for them).

Learn more about exactly how we can help you become the strategic HR leader your company needs by clicking the ‘Learn More’ button below. To ‘Get Started’ being a truly strategic HR leader…well, I’m sure you can guess that one.


Millennial Leaders

Building Tomorrow’s Today’s Leaders Today.

Future leaders…bench strength…are you kidding me? Millennial leaders don’t want to sit around on the bench; and you need them in the game right now! Since when did anyone ever limit the number of strong, effective, truly influential leaders you could have in your business?

We’ve had the privilege of working with a lot of organizations. (Check out the list below.) Each of them having their own unique set of questions, needs, and conditions. However, all of them have had one thing in common. They needed more and better leaders! Not once has anyone in an organization said, “We have too many leaders. And the ones we have are better than we want. Can you help us get rid of some?”

What Millennials do want is coaching, mentoring, and the opportunity to be part of a high-performing, passionate, and inspirational team of leaders that’s making a difference in the world. (Would it be ‘okay’, if they did that for you?) Our program helps develop your leaders’ influence and effectiveness from anywhere in the organization.  Or you could just keep paying the price of them walking out the door.

Let us help you get them the leadership development that they so desperately desire so they can give you the incredible performance and results you so desperately desire. And a huge part of making that happen is adopting a common leadership model throughout your organization. We’ll help you develop the ‘Great Leaders of Great Teams’™ you need now to address the challenges and opportunities that are right in front of you, as well as those you haven’t even seen yet. Imagine having a company full of strong, effective, truly influential leaders that knew exactly how to build incredibility high-performing team.

OMG. Could you, like, even stand it?

What our clients are saying…

Hear what a millennial in the middle of a mid-market company thinks our leadership development program did for her. Notice the changes she made and how it impacted her team. We can do this for each leader within your organization, regardless of level.

We’ve had the honor of helping improve the performance of over 1 million people in some of the very best companies across North America.  We’re excited to bring all that experience and expertise to your business.

You’ll be in very good company.

“Dale presents a very enlightening way of looking at the various traits of ‘true’ leaders versus people in ‘leadership roles’. Dale does an excellent job of pulling from the team members their thoughts and experiences in a non-threatening way, which allows everyone to learn from other’s experiences as well as from the Maxwell leadership model. He adds value to leaders at every level of an organization.”

Greg Kvidera

EOS Integrator-GM/COO, Canvas Craft Inc.

“Dale is my personal business and leadership coach – I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to: run a strength-based business, growth for business leadership, learn new ways to make your business thrive, or develop ANY level of leadership. His ability to add value to every individual is an extraordinary gift and his value to my personal business is truly immeasurable.”

Ashley Ebert

Owner & Entrepreneur, Simply Elegant Group

Are you ready to release the potential hidden within each member of your team (that you’re already paying for)?   How could it change the results of your organization if every one of your employees were better able to solve problems, attack challenges, and pursue the opportunities that they come across everyday?


Let's find out.