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What you need throughout your business; therefore, exactly what we create for you.

We make leading so easy (and fun), it almost feels like magic.  Just imagine…

And it all begins with ‘Navigating Today’s Leadership Landscape‘.

What GPS did for navigation,

our ‘Level & Laws’ model

has done for leadership.

Your Leadership GPS with OnStar®


When you truly understand leadership you’ll realize it is very predictable. Leadership operates on ‘laws’. Learn these laws and you’ll learn to lead. However, ignore these laws – either intentionally or through lack of awareness – and leadership will be a challenge for you…a constant source of frustration in your business and you won’t even realize what the problem is.

Our program is intentionally designed to provide you both a crystal-clear picture of today’s leadership landscape and equip you to confidently and effectively navigate that landscape. It provides a proven, practical and straightforward combination of the principles, practices and values of successful leadership; and provides a clear road map for developing leaders throughout your organization.

It will help your leadership team develop the trust, buy-in, and influence you need to build the momentum, agility, and growth you want today and need for tomorrow.

You’ll learn to think of the ‘levels & laws’ model as your Leadership GPS with OnStar®.

Here are the key elements of the program.



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A REAL Leadership Conversation

Led by a Maxwell certified leadership coach, this 90-minute conversation helps your leadership team understand how adopting the world’s most trusted and respected leadership model can drive dramatic improvement in your company’s performance, often in areas you didn’t even realize were under-performing, while solving many of today’s most important leadership challenges. This conversation also helps you decide if you’re truly ready to create a culture of leadership and sustained high-performance within your organization.


Core Program: Navigating Today’s Leadership Landscape


A Clear Picture of the Today’s True Leadership Landscape

Orientation & Kick-off. This single 90-minute session brings together all of the leaders participating in the program, explains its 4-month structure, presents an overview of the ‘levels & laws of leadership’ model, answers questions, and launches the 360 Leadership Assessment process.


“You Are Here”

The Maxwell 360 Leadership Assessment. Over the next 2-3 weeks each participant will have the opportunity to get feedback on their current leadership ability from their manager(s), peers, team members and others based upon 64 key attributes of leadership through an online assessment tool. This step includes a confidential 90-minute debrief and personal leadership development planning session with a certified Maxwell leadership coach that walks each of them through their assessment report and discusses a personalized strategy for their leadership development.

Tools: The Maxwell 360 Leadership Assessment

Activities: Rating (self-assessment), and 90-minute debrief & development planning session


Get Equipped to Navigate the Leadership Landscape

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  During the next 8 weeks, the group learns, explores, and puts into practice the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Think of this content as the laws of nature, laws of physics, or the rules of the game regarding leadership. Your leaders will learn how leadership really works, be equipped to confidently and effectively navigate the levels of leadership, and become far more confident and influential leaders.

Tools: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership book and weekly study guides

Activities: Weekly 60-minute meetings, reading, study, and real world application of the laws


The Ascent – Navigating the 5 Levels

The 5 Levels of Leadership During the next 7 weeks, the group learns, explores, and applies the 5 Levels of Leadership in their daily work. This content provides a clear detailed picture of the true leadership landscape. Your leaders will learn the true measure, goals, challenge, and values of leadership as their acquiring a crystal clear picture for advancing through the levels of leadership/influence and a simple straightforward plan to develop their leadership ability. The 5 Levels model provides a proven and practical set of leadership principles, practices and values. The team will explore the upside, downside, beliefs and values of each of the 5 levels of leadership.

Tools: The 5 Levels of Leadership book and study guide

Activities: Weekly 60-minute meetings, reading, study, and real world application of the levels


 Total Program Duration: 4-months

The Result

An organization full of strong, effective, truly influential leaders that unleash the full potential of each and every member of your team, optimizing the organization’s performance, growth, and ultimate value.


Cascade & Multiply Leaders

Cascade and Multiply Leaders – The Leveraged Model

While small businesses can usually run their entire management team through the Core Program all at once in either one, or a set of, small groups; we’ve found that for larger companies – those with management teams larger than 50 – a more leveraged model is beneficial. Here’s how that works.

Pilot Group(s). A group, or groups, of up to 12 senior leaders runs through the Core Program, then works with the Maxwell certified leadership coach to customize the program delivery to specifically match their company’s situation, culture and needs. This group should include the program’s ongoing internal leadership champion(s).

This group of core influential leaders will be role models for your company’s adoption of the leadership model.

Program Duration: 4-months


Main Groups. These groups of 6-12 leaders run through the Customized Program with the Maxwell certified leadership coach concurrently to establish a critical mass of leaders that understand and have learned to apply the levels and laws of leadership within the organization.

During this main group training, the program champion(s) are trained in an informal ‘train-the-trainer’ style to facilitate and lead other main groups as needed in the future.

Program Duration: 4-months


Internally Led Small Groups. These are small intimate groups – of 2 to 4 participants – lead by one of the internal leaders that has completed the Core Program. They help cascade the leadership model throughout the organization and put their knowledge of the model to the real-world test by facilitating the learning of the model with other leaders.

These groups tend to meet every other week for an hour and work through the model over 6 to 9 months.

Program Duration: 6 to 9 months.


Quarterly Check-Ins and Annual Leadership Health Check. While not required, clients often want to have ongoing involvement from the Maxwell certified leadership coach, and we’ve found the most effective approach is to have 90-minute check-ins on a quarterly basis to discuss the progress of the groups and the overall leadership team.

Many clients also desire to run their leaders through the Maxwell 360 Leadership Assessment and debrief conversation on an annual basis as the foundation of their ongoing leadership development process.

The Result

An organization full of strong, effective, truly influential leaders that unleash the full potential of each and every member of your team, optimizing the organization’s performance, growth, and ultimate value.


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The levels & laws leadership model is the world’s most trusted and respected leadership model. It has been used to develop over 6 million leaders in business, government, education, religion, sports, volunteer organizations, etc. in over 185 countries around the world. It has stood the test of time. It’s not based upon culture, ethnicity, gender, ‘generation’, or age. It is a proven practical combination of the best leadership principles, practices, and values. And, best of all, it applies equally to all levels of an organization at the same time.

Want Even More?

Want Even More?

Clients often feel their experience in the program is truly transformational for both the company and themselves personally, and don’t want this wave of monumental growth and development to end. Instead they want to continue growing and expanding the possibilities. We’ve got you covered there, too. Additional modules of the program include:


One-on-One Leadership Coaching. Naturally, clients will want to provide personal one-on-one coaching for key leaders designated as emerging, senior, pivotal, high-potential, etc. Here these leaders are partnered with a Maxwell certified leadership coach that works one-on-one with them to ensure they get the personalized support and mentoring that brings out the very best in their performance, personal growth and organizational influence. Individual coaching sessions often last from 60-90 minutes and held every other week.

Program Duration: customized to each client


Leading from the Middle. 99% of leadership actually takes place, not from the top but, from the middle of the organization. And those who are leading from the middle face unique challenges, issues, and opportunities. This program helps all leaders understand those challenges and also teaches how to lead up, lead across, and lead down effectively from the middle.

Strategy usually comes from the top down, but performance and growth always happens from the middle out. This program helps develop your leaders’ influence and effectiveness from anywhere in the organization. The final 90-minute bonus session focuses on the leader’s ‘daily dozen’ that create the environment to unleash the full potential of leaders in the middle of your organization.

Program Duration: 13 weeks (12 plus bonus)


The 6 Keys to Incredibly High-Performing Teams. Once leaders have developed their influence, what should they do with it to create strong, engaged, and high-performing teams? This program answers that question. It provides the 6 proven key factors that drive consistent high performance of individuals and teams.

Unlike other portions of this overall program, this module combines teaching with very hands-on consulting and advising around changes in, not just thinking and behavior of the leadership team, but also changes in the company’s people management processes, technology and tools. Therefore, the duration and exact structure of this program is customized to the needs, desires and environment of each client.

Program Duration: customized to each client

The Result

An organization full of strong, effective, truly influential leaders that unleash the full potential of each and every member of your team, optimizing the organization’s performance or growth.


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