Looking for a Speaker?

Looking for an entertaining, engaging, and thought-provoking speaker to provide your audience a one-of-a-kind experience for your next event, meeting or gathering?

I know a guy! (and now you do, too!)

Seriously, I love to take the time to connect, and share insights and stories, with people I haven’t met before. I’ve spent years researching, studying and consolidating information and insight all around personal success, growth, leadership and achievement, as well as becoming one of North America’s top experts on strengths-base performance. I’ve worked with over 40 Fortune 500 companies over the last few years.
Now, I want to share all that I’ve learned with you and your team!

One of my favorite ways of doing that is through small-group (10 to 200 people) presentations and discussions.

My Most Requested Talks

These are the specific topics that the majority of people are interested in learning more about.


Navigating Today's Leadership Landscape

Simply stated, the most valuable 60 minutes you’ve ever spent on the topic of leadership! We expose the ‘silent killer’ of performance & growth…and reveal exactly how to eradicate it! How’s that?


From Strengths to Superpowers!

Why super-strengths are so important along with how to identify, develop and leverage them to multiply your success in pursuit of your goals and dreams. Too much fun and insight to miss out on!


Leading from the Middle of the Organization

The unique challenges and solutions for those leading from the middle of an industry or the organization (where 99% of leadership actually takes place).


Personal Growth: A Critical Element of Your Success

The power of personal growth, why it’s critical to your personal success, and why so many people miss it. Along with the 3 most successful strategies for growth.

Networking Groups

Professional Associations

Industry Groups

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Rough estimates…actual coverage may vary!

So if you lead any type of group, association, or events…

…Professional associations, networking groups, rotary groups, BNI groups, chambers of commerce, job transition groups, team or company events… and are looking to bring in an outside speaker to engage and educate your group, just give me a shout. If I can make the scheduling work, I’ll be there. Do you know someone who is looking for a speaker? If so, please send them my way. Thanks!