Leveraging strengths is the #1 driver of performance

in a team. Unfortunately, less than 20% of people

play to their strengths in their daily work. Let’s fix that.



Elevate Leadership.  ACTIVATE STRENGTHS.  Accelerate Growth.  Stimulate Engagement.


Stop using band-aids in an attempt to improve performance. Let us provide you with the cure. Learn to unleash the true power of your people.

We’ll take you FAR beyond where all others leave off regarding identifying, developing, and leveraging your strengths to multiply your success in the pursuit of your goals and dreams. (Hint: Your StrengthsFinder talent themes are NOT your strengths! They are only one of the ingredients of your true strengths.)

As one of North America’s premier expert practitioners in strengths-based performance – even before Gallup & Buckingham ‘discovered’ it – our founder Dale Henry is uniquely qualified to help your organization unleash the power of your people by activating their unique personal strengths; and converting their personal strengths into your business’s competitive advantage.

We provide online and in-person programs for individuals, teams and entire organizations looking to leverage their true strengths to dramatically improve their performance.

We even have a program for ‘Activating Your Real World Superpowers’ – if you think you can handle it!

Where do you want help:


We provide online programs, group workshop series, and individual coaching programs that take you far beyond where all others leave off (including Gallup & Buckingham) regarding identifying, developing and leveraging your strengths to multiply your success in pursuit of your goals and dreams.

Check out the online video training program here.


This program helps managers understand how to help their team members identify, develop and leverage their strengths. But it goes well beyond that. It also teaches managers how to apply all the principles of strengths-based performance to structure their teams, do performance management, personal development planning, and talent positioning to optimize performance of their teams.

Check out the online video training program here.

Company-wide Programs

Having implemented strengths-base performance management in a number of organizations, we both know the value of, and the ‘how to’ of, implementing strengths-based programs within organizations of any size.

Personal strengths become business strengths only when they are positioned to be leveraged by the business and combined with the personal strengths of others.

Check out the online video training program here.

Activate Your Real World Superpowers

This nationally acclaimed (and fun!) strengths development program is delivered as either a 4-session in-person workshop series or an 16-module online video training program. Learn from one of the nation’s best (true) strengths coaches and take your results to the next level and beyond!

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Case Study: Strengths

(HINT: 1st Year Profit +$3.75MM)


Critical Insight Group was asked to improve business performance of a professional services organization that was doing ‘okay’, but wanted to know if there was more they could do to improve their results.


  1. Identified the key roles (3 people out of 105).
  2. Evaluated performance and talent in those roles.
  3. Identified actual, time adjusted, performance.
  4. Positioned key talent to leverage their strengths.

Performance Impact:

  • Increased performance in those roles by 235%.
  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction.

Financial Impact:

  • Increased revenue $7.5MM (+38%).
  • Increased profit $3.75MM (+75%).
  • Increased profit margin 27%.


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