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This makes everything easier for me.

I used to just take it upon myself to do the work. I did not trust or believe in a lot of people to be able to do the job. But now, with all of this knowledge that I have gained, I know that development is key to not only my success, or the company’s success, but to the entire teams success, and personal well-being. For my entire life this was the complete opposite, I am more than excited to not only grow, but grow and develop others until I feel satisfied with my journey, also known as retirement.

Kelsey A.

Now, I think about my legacy all the time now.

I feel like I am much more of a positive person. I see myself engaging more than ever in my crew’s lives. It’s amazing how they seemed to open up to me with my subtle changes.  I focus more on staff morale now than ever and have noticed a big gain in momentum amongst the team. I find myself thinking about the ‘change in my pocket’ a lot and before I make any major changes I stop to think about how different people will perceive it and try to make sure that I’m always trying my best to communicate what I’m thinking. I think that this has been a great adventure and am thankful for the insight you’ve given me.  I hope to continue to grow myself and others as leaders well into the future and look forward to all of the challenges that come along with it.”

Farzad F.

This program has changed my way of thinking tremendously.

When I started this process I always thought to get something done right you do it yourself, and I thought that I was owed something.  Man, was I wrong! I’ve realized that it’s not about what you can get done in a day. It’s more about building the team around you to make them better and to make personal progress. My responsibilities now are more employee focused because I realize that someone that holds a prestigious title is nothing without positive employees and creating a healthy work environment. It definitely ignited a fire in me to learn more about the leadership process and humbled me a little bit.

Justin D.

Launching Your ‘Dream’ Business

Growing to the Next Level

Opened my horizons on what I am capable of.

I have learned to be more intentional with my daily activities.  I now think about, and treat, people as individuals and not just employees. A big ‘aha’ moment was when we had our discussion about finding the balance and opportunities to use defeats as areas for growth in turn being a victory.

Josh J.

The roof has been removed!

This has been a wonderful journey. My staff has noticed a large change in the way that I am approaching things. No longer do they see me as the intimidating bull in the china shop but more of a mentor. The roof has been removed and that is possibly the best step that could have taken as far as potential goes.

Rick B.

The change that I have seen from my staff, is night and day.

My thinking on how to lead has changed a lot. Now I realize the more you put into to the individuals that work with you [the more] momentum and success there will be. I have set a goal for myself to continue to grow as a leader by being there for my team members and trying to teach them to become leaders themselves. But the only way is giving to others by developing and helping others to achieve the same goals and success we want with what we do.

Andrew B.

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