What You Don’t Know About Leadership IS Hurting You.

…and the Performance of Your Organization.


So, let’s fix that.

Who Are You Listening to Regarding Leadership?  

Or have you just buried your head in…your business? 


Here’s what some of the top experts are saying.

6 Key Insights from the Experts:


#1 Leadership’s Impact on Performance

82% of people hired or promoted into new levels of leadership, don’t have the required knowledge and skills to lead effectively in their new roles.


The Results?  On average these teams perform 48% lower than teams with effective leaders.”

 ~ Gallup Organization

Q: How are you (really) any different? What are you doing to recover this lost 40% overall performance?


#2 Challenges Around Leadership Development

9 out of 10 companies struggle to develop the leaders they need at all levels of their organization; and say that this impacts every other aspect of their businesses.”

~ Deloitte

Q: How are you addressing this challenge differently than others? Are you investing in your leaders ‘at all levels’? Are they truly acquiring the knowledge and skills they need to effectively lead (or are you just spending money assessing their ‘style’)?


#3 What It’s Worth to You.

“Companies that have adopted a leadership model have 1.5 times the revenue growth and 1.6 times the profitability of companies that do not.”

 ~ Boston Consulting Group

Q: Do you know how you can adopt a leadership model and get similar results?

Valuable information, if you use it.  

Think about the cost of not, yet, having adopted a leadership model within your business.


Here’s some more of what the top experts are telling us.

#4 Are Your Leaders Truly Helping?

Roughly 85% of leaders actually hurt the performance of [and drain the energy from] their teams.”

~ Bruce Schneider (Author)

Q: Are your leaders intentionally (and actively) helping their team members succeed; or really just focused on advancing their own careers?


#5 Wasted/Lost Potential

90% of leaders are ‘positional’ leaders, who get the least amount of effort, therefore results, from their people. That’s why, Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.’

~ John Maxwell (World’s #1 Leadership Authority)

Q: What are you doing to (really) get the best efforts and best results from your people?


#6 WARNING: Great Leaders Required!

You don’t get great performance, or have great teams, without great leaders. It just doesn’t happen.”  

Dale Henry, CEO Critical Insight Group

A: We can help you have ‘Great Leaders of Great Teams’™ throughout your organization. (That’s what we do.)


What does all this tells you about your organization?

Maybe explains a few things…

How Do Most People Learn Leadership?


Most of us develop our leadership ability through fairly random experience – not a structured approach. Over time, we come up with our own ‘style’, (which includes both good and bad habits). Some of it works, some doesn’t. Unfortunately, we rarely know which is which, or what to do about the things that aren’t working. And most of us have no intentional & effective plan to improve, so we’re stuck where we are and so is the performance of our team(s).

We’d never allow doctors to learn their profession through trial & error. (Imagine how badly that would turn out!) So why are we so willing to allow our leaders to do it, when it impacts so much of our business?

Let’s solve your leadership challenge once and for all. Let’s intentionally develop your leaders, adopt a leadership model throughout your organization, and watch what happens to your company’s overall performance.

We’ll make your good leaders great, and your best even better; and help you build a high-performance leadership culture that takes your company’s performance to heights you’ve never thought possible.

5 Powerful Leadership Questions:


If you had ‘Great Leaders of Great Teams’™ throughout your organization, how would it impact your company’s performance…and your personal workload?

If you were able to ‘take the lid off’ your people and unleash their full untapped potential – which you’re already fully paying for, by the way – what do you think your company could accomplish or achieve?

If, almost magically, every one of your employees were better able to solve problems, attack challenges and pursue the opportunities they come across every day, how far could your company go?

What would happen if you had the best leadership team in your industry – what are you doing to make that a reality?

Would you like to be the one to significantly increase your company’s performance, without having to work harder or longereven making your job easier, more fun and feel less like…well…work?

We’ll show you exactly how this is all possible.