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This page provides a few videos clients often find valuable. I hope you enjoy them.








Leadership is…

What does building sand castles have to do with leadership? Find out in this fun and insightful 5 minute video.


How many different ‘skills of a leader’ did you spot in this short video?


Today’s Most Important Leadership Challenge


In this short video, Dale Henry describes what our clients are telling us is today’s most important leadership challenge and 4 of the drives of that challenge.


Watch ‘Go Big’ – Video*

For a short time, enjoy access to a full-length version of John’s incredible video interview with Chase Elliott, rookie NASCAR driver and Rick Hendrick, Owner of Hendrick Motorsports. (50 minutes)

* Since this video is available only for a short time, it may no longer be available by the time you visit this webpage.


‘Care & Candor’ as Leaders

Hear John Maxwell discuss the leadership challenge of balancing care and candor in our interactions with team members.

Knowing when and how to use both care and candor can deepen our relationships and dramatically increase our influence if done correctly. Here John shares with us a small piece of the ‘5 Levels of Leadership’ program.


Life’s Hurdles


We all face obstacles in life. The only question is do you have someone in your life to help you overcome them? What does this ‘hurdles’ video make you think about? Which hurdles are ones that you need to overcome to achieve everything you want to, and become the person you’ve always dreamed of being?

What our clients are saying…


Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what this strategic HR leader in a mid-sized company (that has implemented EOS®) says about her experience partnering with us and the value for their organization.


Hear what a millennial in the middle of a mid-market company thinks our leadership development program did for her. Notice the changes she made and how it impacted her team.

We can do this for each leader within your organization, regardless of level.