The 3 Best Ways to Make Your Job Easier
March 4, 2020
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60 Second Teaching* (for leaders):
The 3 Best Ways to Make Your Job Easier


Who wouldn’t like their job to be easier? For those that would, here are our 3 best ways to do it.


#3: Simply take on less.

While this will decrease your influence and reduce the respect you earn from the people around you, it will in fact make your job easier. This approach works best for those of us who are late in our careers and want basically to slowly and quietly ‘fade off into the sunset.’

Here the best way to remain productive and valuable is to focus on your strengths. Invest your time in doing what you do best, that is valuable to the business.


#2: Get better at what you do

When we become better (at anything), performing that work becomes easier for us. So many people stop learning, improving, getting better. This leads to frustration and/or justifying that we’re ‘doing our best’.

Question: How much better are you (really) at what you do than you were a year or even two years ago?


#1: Help the people around you get better at what they do.

The reality for many of us is that the parts of our job that take up much of our time and are difficult is covering for, or repairing damage caused by, other people. Reason holds that if you helped other people get better at what they do, the demands on you would be far less.

By the way, the #1 skill set that most people need to improve at is leadership, because ‘everything rises and falls on leadership.’ Imagine how much easier your job would be if everyone around you were better leaders.


Too many people, and companies, spend all their time ‘doing’ and not enough time ‘improving.’


*Our ’60 Second Teaching’ series provides just the tips or principle takeaways. Not the reasoning, explanation or justification (or stories) of why they are valid. These articles are meant for the people that already ‘trust us’ because of our reputation of expertise.

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