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10 Steps to Leading Effectively in Difficult Times

Strong leaders really stand out in tough times. Candidly, it’s much easier to lead when things are going well. But it’s far more important to lead in uncertain and difficult times.
So what do strong leaders do to help people navigate through the challenges of tough times? Well, here’s a list of 10 things that separate strong leaders from ‘fair weather’ leaders.

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“It’s Me. I’m the Problem.”

Said by no business leader, ever. (Well, okay. There was that one guy, but he was the exception.) Yet, it’s often one of the most powerful statements there is in business.
I’ll often ask an audience, “What’s the one thing you would change to improve the performance of your organization?” As you can imagine I get all types of answers, everything from team structure and compensation to policies and procedures. Rarely, do I hear the most powerful answer: “Me. I’d change me to improve the performance of my company.”

Visionaries, Talent Managers and Achievers: What They Each Do For Business Success

In a general sense there are three major categories of personalities in the work environment. (While the right number of categories can be endlessly argued, this article is intended to describe these three types that have been identified through experience, and talk about why it is important to understand them.) The three categories are Visionaries, Talent Manager and Achievers. Let’s look at them a little more closely, based upon important characteristics of their...

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3 Steps to Becoming an Influential Leader

While becoming a strong, effective and truly influential leader takes time and intentional personal growth, it all starts with understanding the basics of leadership.
Leadership is all about developing relationships. Leadership at its core, is nothing more than building an influential relationship with another person. Therefore, the true measure of leadership is influence. The question becomes, how large is your sphere of influence and how strong is your influence with each person in that ‘sphere’?

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The 7 Steps that Convert Experience into Insight

Just over 5 years ago, I got a personal invitation from John Maxwell to join him as a founding partner in the launch of his international coaching organization. I jumped at the opportunity, (which honestly was a little out of character for me since it wasn’t part of the direction of my company at the time). I knew – okay, I was pretty sure – that it would be a great investment that would allow me to go much deeper and much further in my ability to develop highly effective leaders throughout my clients’ organizations. The investment of money and time, much of it evenings and weekends, has been tremendously rewarding and transformed how I develop leaders and leadership teams.

What I didn’t realize at the time, was...

News Flash: Expert Practitioner Breaks Silence…StrengthsFinder Does NOT Identify Your Strengths!

As an expert practitioner, one of those ‘great people managers’ that Gallup studied, interviewed and researched, I can no longer remain quiet on this important subject. StrengthsFinder does NOT identify people’s strengths. It only, in Gallup’s own words, helps people identify their ‘talent themes’. Which Gallup admits is only 1/3 of what makes up a strength. Unfortunately, after stating this, they quickly move on and almost never mention it again. Instead they begin...

The 4 Simple Keys to Exceptional Employee and Team Performance

What every manager should know about performance I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work directly with senior leaders from more than forty Fortune 500 companies and several mid-sized companies over the last few years on enhancing their company’s performance, primarily by improving the performance of their people (individuals and teams). Along the way, I’ve seen all types of effective, not-so-effective, and downright crazy approaches to performance management. Let...

Our Thoughts: The Climate Control of Our Lives

Okay, think back…no farther back…all the way back to biology class is Junior High. Remember when we learned about an ecosystem? You remember, that ‘community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment all interacting as a system?’ (Okay, maybe not. That’s why I included a definition here to refresh our memories. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.)